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My physical therapy practice website (balloupt.com) is not live yet so it lives on this page on my personal website. Ballou PT is a bespoke physical therapy practice that caters to your needs. Appointments can happen at your home, office or our location within West End Crossfit.

Physical therapy that fits your needs. Whether you have back pain, an ankle surgery, or you are a Crossfitter you need Physical therapy that fits your needs. We understand CrossFit and can help where other PT's and Chiro's may not understand your unique needs. If you need programming modification, need to get back to a competition or something was tweaked we can help. We can fix your problem from your head to your toes or we will refer you to the best provider for you. 


We are a cash-based physical therapy clinic which means we are not in-network with any insurance and we don't accept Medicare or Medicaid. You will be able to submit your costs to your insurance for out-of-network coverage. Visits cost the same no matter the location as long as your house/office is within 20 miles (per Google Maps) of West End Crossfit (3641 Cox Rd #E, Richmond, VA 23233) otherwise add 50 cents per each mile over 20.

  • Evaluation (1 hour): $150
  • Follow-up visit (1-hour): $150
  • Packages:
    • 5 Visits: $600 (1 evaluation and 4 follow ups or 5 follow ups)

Routine maintenance . . . can be and should be performed by you.
— Kelly Starrett, Ready to Run: Unlocking Your Potential to Run Naturally