Being Intentional

Leaving school (finally) and joining the working world was great in many ways. Especially because you get paid for your time and I am able to actually apply exactly what I went to school for.

But now that I'm in the 'real world' I've noticed something very different than when I was in school.

People are not intentional anymore.

During school my fellow classmates would be working really hard towards a variety of goals. They were always figuring out what to do next and we were all wondering what the world would bring. They were concretely acting on their dreams by going to extra courses that didn't even count since they weren't licensed physical therapists yet. They were applying to different residency programs, something not required in physical therapy. 

But, now to the present.

Between a variety of people I have seen working there are many people that seem to be floating through life. I see a whole lot of people in my profession who are on disability by age 30 and they are not the one's I'm talking about. 

I'm talking about the professionals who worked hard to get to where they are and are satisfied without trying to push any harder. They do not seem to want to grow either professionally or personally. They are just floating through life reacting to whatever happens.

This is causing me to focus on what I'm doing intentionally vs just being reactive to each day. I have decided to be more intentional with all aspects of my life, whether learning, with relationships, and even with this blog.

I'm choosing to remain on the side of intentionality instead of joining the side who reacts and feels victimized by their life. I don't believe you can be 'happy' all of the time but I do believe there is such a thing as a 'pursuit of happiness' and it starts with being intentionally with your decisions and actions.