Text File Lifestyle

I like to try way too many apps and things in my life (as of this writing I have 256 apps on my phone). But I recently decided I wanted a bit more simplicity.

I am going to try and use plain text for most of my writing, note taking, to do lists and anything else that makes sense.

This is mostly inspired by Merlin Mann, I listen to way too many of his podcasts including Do by Friday, Back to Work, Reconcilable Differences, and Roderick on the Line, not to mention his various appearances on tons of other podcast.

There are a lot of advantages to plain text, which include smaller file size and ability to be read by any word processor like Word, Pages, TextEdit etc.

I want something easy because I want to write a lot more frequently and I tend to get sucked in to complicated systems and then not write anything.

I am trying to write in the Markdown format, which allows for plain text files to be formatted in a web browser. This blog post is written in markdown, though I didn’t do anything complicated besides links mostly. But I could have done this or this.

The main way I am writing is using nvALT. It has a little bit of a learning curve, but is otherwise very easy to use. I can also access files on my phone using the Editorial app (or any other markdown iPhone app) since everything syncs so easily with Dropbox.

So we will see how this goes and you should be hearing from me a lot more if I can stick with this.