Squatting Deep

I love what Zach Long puts out on his website and he just shared a video he and Mitch Babcock did on squat depth.

Mitch hits the facts hard right away with 2 quotes from a paper by Hartmann et al.

Deep Squats do not contribute it increased risk of injury to passive tissues.


The deep squat presents an effective training exercise for protection against injuries and strengthening of the lower extremity.

The deep squat is actually an effective tool to prevent and protect your body. It is not just safe, but it is necessary! Watch the video because Mitch gets into the nuts and bolts involved.

I had the pleasure of taking the Advanced Concepts in the Clinical Management of the Fitness Athlete course with Mitch and Zach. They have so much knowledge to share on the topic of Crossfit and physical therapy. I’m so glad I took that course.

If the rest of the Institute of Clinical Excellence courses are as good I’m excited to take more in the future.


Hartmann et al.

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Mitch Babcock is @dr_mitch_dpt

Zach Long is @zlongdpt