App Review: CardPointers

CardPointers is one of those apps that solves a problem that you may not realize you have. If you have more than 1 credit card then you definitely have the same problem. The basic premise is to display the variety of credit card reward options for each of your cards in a way that helps you save the most money. It is an extremely well done implementation of a confusing concept into a relatively simple app. Another key feature of CardPointers is that it will display most of the information about the cards like foreign transaction fees and annual fees, which can be helpful as you plan your finances or a trip abroad.

Dark Mode!!

Dark Mode!!

The regular mode…not dark…

The regular mode…not dark…

Built by Emmanuel Crouvisier, CardPointers takes advantage of many of the new features introduced with iOS 13 and Watch OS6. It has Dark Mode, Sign In with Apple, independent watch app and much more. As a quick aside, this was also my first opportunity to use Sign In With Apple. It was super easy and makes me feel much better than using facebook, twitter, or google for signing in to random websites.


I loaded up my cards to see what it would say. I already knew most of the highlights of the few cards that I had but was fuzzy on some of the details. Adding the cards is very easy because you aren't logging into anything. You just indicate what card you have and if CardPointers has it in its system then it can be added to your profile. I have not added a card that wasn't already in the system yet since it had all of my cards that have rewards.

Once you have your credit cards loaded you look at your profile and see a list of cards. The magic is when you look at each category and CardPointers will show you which is the best to use in which category. There are a lot more categories than the typical groceries and gas. The list includes airlines, cable/satellite, car rentals, department stores, drug store, entertainment, gas, home improvement, hotels, office supply store, online shopping, restaurant, supermarket, telephone, utilities and then an everywhere else category (at the time of writing). For most of the categories the list of cards is the same because they each only have a few things they are good at.

My only issue with the order of the cards is the Apple Card, which I've already relayed to Emmanual. The Apple Card gives you 2% back if you use Apple Pay, but that is a big 'if' and can vary wildly depending on where you live. I can use it a lot of places like most grocery stores and drugstores, sometimes in fast food restaurants but not always, and I don't think I can for things like the cable bill so I'm stuck with only 1% back on that one. So if there was an option to choose a different card over Apple Card in the UI that could help.


The Apple watch app is great as well. New this year in Watch OS 6 you can build standalone apps. The watch is a great interface for using CardPointers in real life. The entire app is available for use on the Apple Watch. You are standing in line and realize that you are not sure what card you should use. Using the watch app is easy and intuitive, in just a few taps you can see which card gives you the best deal.


The next best way to use CardPointers is with Siri. Each category can be set up as a Siri Shortcut and you can ask you phone 'Best Grocery Store Card' or whatever you set up as a command and it will tell you.

CardPointers is a really good app, well built, and very useful.

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