Apple's September 2019 Event

Apple held their annual event to release new iPhones yesterday. They announced phones that we new about from leaks the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max. They also announced a new iPad, new Apple Watches and the reales dates and cost of their new TV and Gaming services.

As a more-than-casual but not professional Apple fan I enjoyed the keynote. I was able to watch the first hour of the 1 hour and 45 minute keynote. They seemed to do a good job with the diversity of their presenters, the game demos were not too boring, they highlighted why we would want to buy each product, and they definitely made meaningful upgrades in a number of areas. Features like the always on watch face for the Series 5, the ultra-wide camera, the free year of Apple TV+ when you buy a new Apple product, and many more were impressive and also able to not be totally ruined by leakers and rumor sites.

Despite an overall positive keynote there are plenty of people who have been negative about Apple's announcement. Some seem to think a company shouldn't announce things apparently. Others think Apple should have put 5G in their phone despite there being no 5G in the US yet and in a few years it would probably only be in a few cities at the most. Some people were snippy that Apple's invitation said 'By Innovation Only' and they think Apple didn't innovate enough this year.

I don't mind if people like the Google Pixel more than an iPhone or that Apple's attempt at certain features like social networks leave a lot to be desired. But automatic negativity about a company's annual announcements that makes them billions of dollars is an interesting take. The headlines seem mostly for the clickbait and not an actual analysis of the situation.