Audiobooks Are Books

I love books.

That should be the end of all I need to write about books and reading, but I have had some negative reactions to the way I read books. Typically the conversation is as follows:

Me: “I just read X book by my favorite author”
Them: “That is cool.”
Me: “Yeah I finished listening to it on the drive to work today.”
Them: “Listening to audiobooks is not the same as reading.”
Me: …
Me: burns them with the fire of a thousand suns

I don’t get this hate for audiobooks. And usually the people telling me this have not read a book in a while. They ave a weird snobbery that you can only read books by a melting candle and parchment paper and yet they haven’t read a book since they were forced to in college and in reality they spark noted it because spark note was a thing then and I have no idea if spark note is still a thing.

I love books in all of their forms. I love paper and hard cover books. I love ebooks. I love audiobooks. I love iBooks (or Apple Books now) and the ability to embed videos and other multi media straight into the book.

If you are able to have the ideas that Charles Dickens typed into his MacBook Air while sitting in Starbucks make it to your brain, does it really matter how they get there?

I was going to cite various research articles that showed that some kids learn better with audiobooks and that comprehension is better and give a personal anecdote that I tend to skip over paragraphs when I read very fast so audiobooks help me slow down and actually digest content. But I don’t care.

I just want to read.

And if that reading is actually listening to an author or a professional narrator read a book to me like I’m a child in their parent’s lap (instead of a mindless drone on his hour commute) then so be it.

Just read damn books and who cares how you consume them. And if someone judges you just know that inside they aren’t happy with their own ability to read books and they are taking it out on you. Since that is what we do in our society now a days.

Just read. From graphic novels to audiobooks. Just freaking read all ready.

I you need recommendations my newest and most favorite stories ever are both by Mary Robinette Kowal.

The Lady Astronaut of Mars - A Short Story

The Calculating Stars - The First book in the series based on the before short story.

The next book in the series The Fated Sky which is almost out but not quite out as of the writing of this post. (August 21, 2018 FYI)