Christopher Robin

Christopher Robin is the best movie of 2018, don’t @ me.

Some small spoilers may follow, so continue at your own risk

I loved this movie so much, probably in a large part because it plays to my childhood nostalgia. But, Christopher Robin has a lot more going for it than pure nostalgia. They are called Pooh, Piglet, Eeyore, Kanga, Roo, and Tigger.

The movie had the perfect balance of explanation of the magical connection between Christopher Robin and the occupants of the Hundred Acre Woods and mystery left to the imagination about how it works. It purposely doesn’t worry too much about the pure explanation and invites you to live in a world connected to a man’s childhood memories. Which are just as much our childhood memories.

I almost cried bunches of times during the movie, but most so during the opening 30 minutes or so when Christopher Robin is leaving his childhood friends behind and journeying into adulthood. He then is thrust into trials of adulthood such as going to war, finding love, and getting a job he hates. He loses all sense of family, and forgets what it is like to play. This is a spear straight to the heart of any adult who plays less than they would like. Charlie Hoehn wrote a great book on play called Play It Away and the importance of play in our life. But, Christopher Robin has forgotten all about that.

Then all of our childhood friends return. And the live action version of the cartoon characters we knew and loved come to life, with personalities true to their former selves and updated for a movie focused on Christopher Robin and his daughter rather than them.

The interactions between Piglet, Pooh, Tigger etc made me cry all over again. It wasn’t tons of crying, just some tears and sniffles that required wiping with a shirt sleeve a few times.

God, I just saw a commercial for it again. Well, at least I’m not crying this time. Maybe.

Just go watch it and see for yourself.