Climbing Inspiration: Silence

I used to be super into rock climbing in high school. I was never very good at it and my fear of heights always got in the way of anything outdoors or up high. I usually stuck to bouldering. I did have an awesome trip with friends to the New River Gorge in West Virginia where we got terrible terrible sun burns during some white water rafting.

I used to watch tons of videos of Chris Sharma and others sending ridiculous rock faces and making first ascents all over the place.

I haven’t watched anything climbing related or participated in rock climbing in years. Maybe 1 time in the past 6 years or so.

I came across this video from Thomas Frank’s twitter account.

The video can be found here:

It is of Adam Ondra sending Silence with the newest grade of 9c (basically the hardest rock climbing route ever climbed).

The video is shot so beautifully, with great panning shots of the Norwegian vistas, countryside, use of drones for aerial footage and an amazing shot at the end of the video which shows how small Adam is on the rock face, inside a cave.

The music is wonderful and the use of silence with only Adam’s breathing, grunting and occasionally screams.

What was most interesting to me was his use of practice, visualization, use of someone with intimate knowledge of anatomy and physiology who could help Adam figure out how to physical perform movements that should be physically impossible. The video describes figuring out the position that Adam would have to get into and what muscles he needed to use and get stronger and what muscles he couldn’t use due to the fact that they would just be too weak or not useful in that scenario.

The amount of focus, concentration, intensity and repetitiveness of Adam conquering this route is amazing.

Feel inspired by this video.

The traits he demonstrates can be used in anything, and they come together beautifully in one of my favorite climbing movies of all time.