Insurance World

Watching TV tonight I saw an Aflac commercial, followed by an Allstate commercial, and a few commercials later more commercials for Progressive, USAA insurance, and United Health Care. There are tons of commercials for all types of life insurance, auto insurance, health insurance, short term disability insurance and I'm sure others.

We live in a world that has been somehow dominated by insurance. I got the impression that we are one step from disaster and we have to be buying an insurance for everything just in case. If someone hasn’t bought the right type of insurance, the right policy, then their lives could turn upside down in an instant.

Much of this is connected to our work so if you are between jobs then good luck to you. If you have to work 3 jobs to make a living then good luck having the time to figure out what insurance you are supposed to get, let alone a job that provides you the opportunity to get good insurance. You can't judge a companies insurance benefits until you work their and get into an open enrollment period.

I don’t know any solutions to our current situation but the development of the insurance industries trying to convince you that doom is around the corner seems as good of an idea as commercials for pharmaceuticals … oh wait.