The Wheel of Time: A Beginning

I am re-reading The Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan. This series was one of the formative series of my youth due to the timing, and that I was there for each release after about book 8. It took me from my pre-teen through graduate school years as the books were finally finished by Brandon Sanderson after Robert Jordan's death. I eagerly awaited the release of each new book with a longing that equaled Harry Potter releases except it was a much more private and intimate sort of longing unlike the mass hysteria that was Harry Potter midnight premieres. Only in the release of the last few books did I share that waiting with my family since I had forced them into reading the series.

I have been looking for a way to relax and unwind recently, but didn't want to pick up video games, sports or much more. I figured a chapter or so a night as a reward for actually studying for my 2 different certifications I'm currently pursuing is a good idea.

Some initial thoughts about the series that I will explore in much more detail later.

I listen to certain songs and think of certain characters. I explicitly listened to Of Wolf and Man by Metallica during scenes with Perrin in them and think about it now every time that song comes on. Probably partly growing up in the 90's and 00's when the few CD's I had transitioned into the iPod. Specific songs still bring me back to the books.

It was my introduction to meditation. The flame and void which is introduced in the first chapter as a technique that Tam teaches Rand in order to concentrate and later is expanded into a way to access the True Power. I will admit to trying this technique many times growing up but being unsuccessful. But from this I think I also was introduced to a form of stoicism before finding actual stoicism teachings in my classical education oriented high school. My interest (and extreme difficulty with) meditation probably started with these books.

I would spend hours re-reading the books in no particular order. I would just open up book 6 somewhere in the middle and read for 30 minutes. I have probably read books 3-8 about 10 times in this way. I don't believe I have ever done that with anything else. The dedication to repetitive learning that I have given this series is quite astounding and probably should have been put to better use with school, oh well. The only disappointment about that is the later books I was in college and did not give quite as much energy to them so don't remember them as well or as fondly.

My favorite character is, of course, Elayne. She is everything I wanted to be growing up. Followed by Mat, the trouble maker and Han Solo character in the books, of course I liked him as well.

I am very excited to start re-reading them and it will take me a long time but starting September 16th, 2018 the 11th anniversary of Robert Jordan's death seems a fitting place to start with the formation of dragon mount and introduction of The Two Rivers. James Oliver Rigney, Jr may you rest in peace and thank you for allowing me to live in your world.

Visit Dragonmount for one of the best fan sites of a series I have ever seen. Also there may be a tv show but I’m not getting excited about it yet.

The Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan