Stress Eating

I realized (not for the first time) how easy it is to over eat and choose poor food options due to some external stress you are experiencing. 

Today was an extremely busy day at work with a few different people out of the office, the phone ringing every minute it seemed like. I had gotten to work early to try and finish a few patient notes and did not accomplish anything I had planned before my first patient for the day arrived. By the time lunch rolled around I knew exactly what I would get.

Chipotle. Duh!

And when I got to the cash register I even opted for a large soda, and I actually thought to myself that the soda would make me feel better for the afternoon. The food and soda did make me feel like I had a little more energy but also brought with it guilt since I knew I probably shouldn't be eating it. 

One problem was that I hadn't brought good options with me to work, or pre-selected something to eat. It made the barriers to making a poor (and very tasty) choice disappear. When I have to make decisions it is a lot easier to do the simple thing and choose the burrito bowl and soda. The best thing is to make it easier to choose healthily. By prepping good things or knowing exactly what I should get at a restaurant means I don't have to think about it. It just becomes something that I will do. Then when a stressful day hits I don't have to worry about trying to make good choices. I have already made the choices a head of time.